Electronic register

Are your visitors still signing a book at your reception? Time to convert to electronic format. Web-based guest register book.

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At your reception

Start making sense of your visitors. Capture data accurately in electronic format. Create an impression of professional company from first guest engagement.

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COVID-19 screening

Record your visitors electronically! In attempt to make the World a safer place! COVID-19 coronavirus screening.

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Corporate events

Electronic register of your guests at corporate events. Create accurate electronic lists for marketing and email campaigns.

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Technologically advanced replacement of visitors book and event registration management solution

Multiple access points

Central control facility to manage multiple access points

Easy field configuration

Easy data capture configuration management

Self registration

Register by scanning QR code using your own smartphone

Tablet registration

Register using shared tablet located at reception

Event management

Contact us for an outsourced guest register, end-to-end process

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Prices per month


R 500

With tablet

R 650



  • Registration assistance
  • Badge design
  • Badge printing
  • Lanyards design
  • Tablet stand
  • Pre-registration
  • On-site assistance
  • Electronic data list